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MK11 Cover Art Officially Revealed


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So uh....anyone else want to deny that leak?

And boo hoo to everyone crying about Ronda Rousey doing Sonya's voice. Who cares? It's not like Sonya has some sort of iconic voice in MK. It will be fine.
It’s not that it’s Ronda specifically... it’s that she is a terrible actor. I mean, like... really bad.

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I like the gold cover. It will look much better on the shelf with all the stickers on it.

I knew this leak was real the moment I downloaded the song in the link. Too elaborated to be fake.
I agree. Also, if you listen to the song very closely, you can hear the "Mortal Kombat!" yell in the background at some point. It's very hard to hear but that just made it feel more real.
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That mustard yellow background is terrible, Norse's is way better.

Sonya being confirmed now is way worse than shitty box art. This most likely means also getting Kano too. Like other people I'm worried about the 3D era characters we don't usually see getting shafted again. I need to follow Razors advice more and stop getting excited about the game because it only leads to disappointment.


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Terrible. There is a lot of talk among comic fans about how to make dynamic poses and the general consensus is that focus pulled shots like this just look lame. They either distort the drawing or have fake perspectives. Just not a fan of that "reaching" look in any drawing.. this isn't a 3D Film Poster. Lame as fuck nrs... big fail and yeah... bright mustard yellow.... not cool.
Made my own quick edit:

Man this is so much better than the original that it makes me upset that it's not the real version lol. It pops better due to the color contrast, while also calling to attention the darkness of MK and keeping the light rays that convey whatever themes of time-travel/divine intervention that they were originally going for.

And, you know, it's no longer like I'm staring at the surface of the sun.


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Honestly the only thing I really don’t like about this cover is how Scorpion’s arm/elbow armor is lined up perfectly to make it look like his hood is pointed in the back. Like I actually had to zoom in to unsee it.


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I forgot about the music leak. Might work better for me when I see it in-game, but at least they put effort into it this time

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I like that there is some color on it, I’m hoping the color in this game fuckin pops. Scorpion is posed in a dumb way but his new design is badass.


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Sonya is the character that should have sit one out the most, and Tag Team seems too important to be left out.

What a shame.