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Missed opportunities on Stage Fatalities


Thrill Kill
It's a shame there's not Stage fatalities this time. I've been thinking what if there were Stage fatalities, and I had some ideas:

-Throw the opponent to one of the giant bugs in the Lost Hive of the Kytinn to be eaten alive.
-Throw the opponent to the Bottomless Sea in Kharon's ship.
-Kill the opponent using the traps in the Shaolin Trap Dungeon.
-Throw the opponent into the fire in the Tarkatan War Kamp and have them eaten alive by Tarkatas.

Share your ideas!

Lt. Boxy Angelman

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I just want to see the level with the blazing fire do the Eternal Warriors stage finish where dude gets thrown into the pyre in the middle of the stage.

Yet another already the norm thing they're gonna save for later to add and draw more buys.



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There may be. So far I’ve only seen one Stage Brutality, but it’s a start.


Let’s see whose fire burns hotter
Joining the later train
They will add it eventually
I want the hive fatality or the sea of blood where there is a monster on the shore