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Guide - Mileena Mileena Brutalities


all I have is the Green
I really wish she had one with her High Pounce. On the second part, she could just keep stabbing you over and over until she does one final, dramatic stab or something.

Also of note, I wish her fades could be involved in a Brutality for Ethereal somehow. That'd be pretty cool.

In Piercing, they could easily give her one on Throat Piercing Extend. Instead of the final stab being in the neck, just make it end in the head. Then they fall to their knees and sit there like in Erron's Tarkatan Blade Brutality.
I agree with everything here!
so tremor is sitting on 10 brutalities at the moment(since i left the house this morning anyway lol), maybe mileena has some more hidden ones on top of the low ponce one???
Hm, I hadn't thought of that. I'll definitely check and see today.