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Mileena as DLC. How would you feel?

You know, that means we would have all the female ninjas in the series playable in MK11, except Khameleon. It would be interesting.


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It's already been mentioned, but I'd like to emphasize that I feel Mileena being relegated to DLC would leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

There's no doubting Mileena's popularity, and if she is put in as DLC, I think even the general public would see this as a scummy move done in order to take advantage of fans of the series. I just can't defend these kind of predatory practices. I know they need to sell, but DLC should really be reserved for characters that are popular, but just not big enough to make the roster like Sindel, Nightwolf, Fujin, etc. I mean, can you imagine the reaction if Raiden or Sub-Zero was put in as DLC right after launch? I just wonder where the line is drawn between characters just not making the cut and companies purposefully holding back.
This is my biggest thing too.

Like, I get why people would just be excited to have Mileena back. For sure, I get it. But like: this would feel like such a weird "we only did this because money.".

The devs can say whatever they want about "we hold them back so when they come back, more heart" or whatever the fuck. What it is, is actually "we hold them back so when they eventually are revealed as DLC, the wallet is more easy to open." It wasn't even MKX that left this feeling with me. It was the Injustice series.

The transition from Injustice 1 - 2 was bonkers. They had polls out asking "Hey, who do you want in" and like I said, I recall two of the big ones being Red Hood and Starfire. So, they were left out as DLC for the first game, which was fine. Whatever. The DLC brought other fan favorites in [and not a single one carried into Injustice 2 because I guess it wouldn't make sense to give the fans the known favorit- whatever, off topic biterness because I thought IJ2's base roster was wack]. So, we get to Injustice 2, where Starfire and Red Hood would make complete sense on the base roster in terms of story. And...they're not...there. They are saved for first DLC hype.

Honestly, if it's the same thing for Mileena and Rain, say what you want about how "entilted" this sounds. I'll lose some respect again. Street Fighter took massive shit when they held regulars and already known fan favorites back in 5. Tekken did some weird stuff like that and I hated it there too. If the first three are literally three top names the fans have been wanting SINCE MKX, I'm gonna have an issue when you say "this is a fan favorite based game" [if I got that quote wrong, I apologize, I saw it flying around a lot.] and then only include the vocal favorites in said DLC for that extra cash. A company knows exactly what they're doing when they do some shit like that. And while I understand the business aspect to it, I don't have to respect the business aspect to it. Just seems like a shitty thing to do. It's like if Nintendo would have saved King K Rool and Ridley for DLC on Ultimate instead of base roster so they could get easier money.


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NRS will receive one major "Eh." from me, and that's it. If she's interesting enough I might buy her but other than that she'll just be kind of...there.


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You know, that means we would have all the female ninjas in the series playable in MK11, except Khameleon. It would be interesting.
Tanya is also included in that set -- and it's debatable whether Frost really is. I think of her as sort of her own thing, more aligned with Sub/Smoke.

Either way, it's clear we're not getting Mileena after today's kast.


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Today is a sad day for all Mileena fans, me included. :(

No chance of her being DLC, unless NRS decides for that ... what at this point, I think its improbable

Kitana, in fact, only have the teleport kick as Mileena original move, the others move, are not part of Mileena's original moveset.

Yeah, Jade and Johnny Cage, has a same special move, and Mileena could be a playable character, having one of her moves, identical to Kitana, but, will not happen. RIP Mileena in MK11.

It's NRS decision, to rotate between characters among each game, so, they will keep Kitana always as a fixed character on the main roster, and will be rotating between Jade and Mileena, in each game released, from a game to another new one.

We, fans, should grow up and move on. Mileena is out, a decision I happen to not agree with, but, we should overtake and overcome the bad feeling, and support MK11 as the incredible game it is !

We will have our chance in MK12, to have Mileena back. Until there, let's apreciate MK11 the way it is, and play as long as possible ! :)


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Would've gladly paid for her as DLC. I'm legit disappointed because the game looks so good. Of all the characters to have to "sit out" they pick a super popular one like Mileena? Really bummed man did not expect this.

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You know Shazzy I get that it's your gimmick to be this semi-(soap bar in my mouth) resident troll that people just tolerate but I'm done with you bro. I don't know how you managed to stay off my ignore list for this long.
its ok bro tak the salt out on me im tough

still wont bring mileena back bro tho lul


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If Mileena don't come back as DLC, her fans are really going to be bitter now. Kitana keeps stealing the other female counterparts weapons. First Jade, now Mileena :D
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I'm sorry to all the Mileena fans. My brother is devastated about Mileena. He only used Mileena and Reptile in MKX and now he feels like he is without his favorites. I'm still wondering who I'll be. Noob Saibot, Cassie Cage, Shang Tsung and Liu Kang are the ones I'm interested in playing. I already used Kabal which is great but something was missing for me there. I wanted Clone on Sub and I'm not sure if I'll like him and his moves seem kind of slow and punishable unlike some.
It seems the older reveals seem lackluster compared the the most recent Kasts.
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