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Tech Meterless Vortex on Metropolis


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Basically I think the majority of all of Zatanna's tech and resets have been discovered, so now it's up to us to find how to apply these resets to interactables.

I still think that the Plaza map with rumbas is Zatanna's best stage, but I'd say Metropolis is a very close second. Using Deg's vortex tech Zatanna can have a meterless vortex if spaced correctly when using the gunner intractable. The inputs are: 11u3, gun, b3, dash, f2 (crossup) 26%. With the j1 it's 28%.

It is possible to add a d2, teleport, f2, but the timing is extremely tight and I've found just the f2 to be the most consistently successful choice. The guns come into play if you have any crossup in the left hand corner, if you start a kicks combo from just in front of the hover car, or if you have a 112 punish by the gun go into puppet master and teleport around to set up the 11u3 meterless vortex (because if you're facing the corner the combo doesn't connect into the f2 because the opponent bounces off the wall and screws up the timing).

If you're near the corner and get the 11u3 combo, here's a finisher you can use: 11u3, gun, f3, 3, puppet master mb 29%, You can do a crossup reset and back into meterless vortex, or corner pressure shenanigans.

If you go for the low then here's the gun combo to use: b1u3, j2, d2, j2, 112, gun, puppet master. On occasions (I haven't figured out why yet) but if you use the b1u3 starter and immediately use the gun then b3, dash, f2, it goes into the vortex. But I haven't found a way to get the timing consistent yet. Enjoy!

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Amazing find <3 I agree that Hall Of Justice is her best stage, she can make some amazing comebacks in that stage and she has the interactable control against 80% of the cast in that stage as well. I'll definitely use this.


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:( no tag.

I'm working on a vid with a whole bunch of Zatanna interactablr setups that should be out by the end of tomorrow :D

This is nice.
I can't believe I forgot about you Panic! Sorry next time. She also has the same reset off of rumbas into vortex, it's a considerable drop of damage though so I don't think it's really worth it.


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I also think when she lands a mb rings knock down on an opponent she gets a free barrel interactable on the amazonian stage and the yard. Deg did something similar at KIT, but I'll test it out.