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Question - Scorpion Messing around with Scorpion lately, need variation help

Got the game on PC, and have picked up Scorpion. I love his variation with the demons (inferno) as I feel he can really control where the opponent is going and love his move where he grabs their legs for a free hit, but I also love hellfire ever since I missed clicked his variation on a tower and did the whole thing as hellfire as the damage from his fire cloak move is pretty good and the fireball is pretty fast as well. Don't really like ninjutsu that much, not really my style and too similar to MK9, so which variation should I go with and why?

Thank you.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Ninjutsu or Inferno, Hellfire is the hardest and is really heavy learning variation.

Ninjutsu is the easiest and controls a lot of space, Inferno is the weakest variation since the space control tools takes way longer to recovery which can be pretty harmful to scorpion.

But if you're not playing against other people, just pick whoever you like and master it.