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Max talking about Tier Lists


F*ck Mournful

I've personally never cared about tier lists, as I've always been a "play the character I like to play" kinda guy, but I can't help but notice people talking about tiers of characters already so early in the game's life, some even doing "day 1" tier lists and such at the launch.

So this caught my attention and thought I'd post it here for discussion, for those interested.

Edit: Thanks for the green light @Eldriken ^^


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Agree with Max on this topic. Lots of people use tier lists incorrectly, as its just supposed to be information that drives discussion and conversation on the game.

Far too many casuals are and weaker players are constantly looking at the tier lists as a 100% concrete, set in stone guide for what characters are good or bad, and then doing fuck all with that information. Its a option to play character you deem strong, or pretend to be an honorable player cause you're playing a character that is weak. A nice way to toss away any fault for losing, as the clear reason the opponent won was because they were using a higher tier character than me.

That being said I'm not sure that tier lists being created at any point of games life have any real affect on it. The casuals who will pick their characters based on tier lists aren't sitting there grinding out in the lab trying to make a low tier viable. Tier list are inevitable, but now I'm seeing the inverse for when someone mentions or brings up tier lists, everyone throws their hands up and goes 'oh no! it's too soon!' It's never too early to discuss stuff in game. Let's not 'wait and see' lets figure this shit out.