Make Your Predictions! Top 8 at MLG.

Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by General M2Dave, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Top 4 at ECT


    Should be interesting
  2. G4S KT

    G4S KT Gaming4Satan Founder

    lol I might have to pull out jax just for you
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  3. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    OMG i thought you had to work. Never mind lol
  4. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
    Premium Supporter

    1. REO
    2. AC1984
    3. KEVO
    6. PIG OF THE HUT'
    7. 16 BIT
    8. DIZZY
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  5. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    Thanks for the courtesy but im not going to MLG...Even if i was to, I would never do good against those guys...
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  6. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    ex nutpunch, watch out. :cool:
  7. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    OMG <3
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  8. xSMoKEx

    xSMoKEx Coward Character User


    Pig of the Hut

    The rest is a toss up. Could be any of the following:

    M2Dave, PL, Master D, KT Smith, Riu48, CD, Death, IKizzLe, 16 Bit, YTW (Young Tommy Wafflez), Kevo, Dizzy. Not sure if all of them are attending or not but MAN there are just too many good players :S lol
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  9. G4S KT

    G4S KT Gaming4Satan Founder

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    CURBOLICOUS Cage ban wagon?

    2-8 up for grabs, I'm willing to pick kabal in this tournament and my Kabal is not a day 1 scrub.
  11. sub_on_dubs

    sub_on_dubs Nerf me till I'll melt

    Nobody from the west coast lol Not hating, just stating the obvious.
  12. gdf

    gdf Noob

    5 guys from new york, another guy, Pig, brownie.
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  13. And of course almost no one got any west side guys LOL. But that is very typical. I will just make a list of how many players from each region the top 8 will have IMO:
    West coast: at least 2 ppl
    East coast: at least 3
    Midwest: at least 1
    South: at least 2
    I feel this top 8 will be very diverse and different from columbus, and there will be upsets and an underdog in the top 8 without a doubt.
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  14. gamemk

    gamemk Noob

    knock on wood. seriously. some shit you don't joke about.
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  15. SZSR

    SZSR Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    1. Pig
    2. REO
    3. CD jr
    4. Detroit or Maxter
    5. Detroit or Maxter
    6. Riu48
    7. Curbo or 16bit
    8. Curbo or 16bit

    Wildcard: Crazy Dominican, it seems he's widening his character pool and I wouldn't count him out of the top 8. I have to see more to see how he compares but from what I saw at VSM the other night, he might not only be the best Kitana in the World.
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  16. Marvaz

    Marvaz come at me

    LOL @ ktsmith. Bro you havent done anything to be talking the way you do.

    Honestly its going to be a pretty scattered top 8.

    It ill be like 3 people from the west, 3 people from the east, and then pig, and a wild card. Fuckin sucks im not going either.
  17. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    id say top 8 at MLG Columbus gives him the right

    he's killer

    edit: YOU'RE NOT GOING? WTF man why

    double edit: i also love how people are making me my own coast. (ie: west coast, east coast, south and pig lol)
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  18. BS3OOO

    BS3OOO Noob

    Lol I planned on doing the same!

    This is going to be so HYPE! You got the WC, VSM/NY, the Texas Crew, Ohio, the Las Vegas guys, PIG....I can't decide!

    And I pick Kevo to take ECT4
  19. GGA Wafflez

    GGA Wafflez the kid

    1. PL
    2. GGA Dizzy
    3. REO
    4. Pig of le hut
    5. GGA 16 bit
    5. curbo
    7. cd jr
    7. (insert west coast player... :coffee:)

    runner-ups? myself i suppose, of course CD, Maxter, Riu, VSM blah blah.. is it too much to ask for some diversity???
  20. Eh SnOwY

    Eh SnOwY Tankata2 @ Youtube

    Eh SnOwY
    2. Chris g
    3. 16 bit
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