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Breakthrough M2Dave Interviews NRS Community about Martian Manhunter

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Aioffe Belle

0:00 - Chris G
0:36 - @WoundCowboy
1:05 - @KDZ
2:12 - @DarKNaTaS
2:42 - m2dave
3:16 - @rev0lver
3:46 - TriForce
4:19 - Killinator
4:29 - @GGA Max
4:51 - Playing To Win (thoughts on @Tom Brady)
5:15 - Chris G and Glass Sword (post Evolution match audio)
6:00 - @SonicFox5000
6:25 - @B W1zZ (thoughts on the Raiden trailer)
6:56 - @GGA Jeremiah
7:13 - @AK RM Blake
7:35 - @gross
8:00 - DarKNaTaS (OBS outro)

Credit: @AK Pig Of The Hut for recording and editing the audio.
Hi am using a mobile phone so I can't see the video can u please send me the video URL but edit it e.g you!tube.com/watch then I will just delete the "!" So that I can see the video thanks


Tom Brady
Blind man

I am serious I had a bad day at work and this made me smile. Much appreciated.


What is going on guys, Ya Boi Zyphox here.
M2Dave: So Zyphox, what do you think about Martian Manhunter?

Zyphox: "It seems like no matter what I do people don't give me a chance, Lbsh if I had been to more tournaments things would be different, I beat great players at WB and feel that I made it so far because I was playing my best, and when I play my best I feel like I can beat anyone, if you compare my placing to any other Flash you'll see that I got 3rd at WB, but people still refuse to call me the best Flash, so I just want to know besides tournament placings, what else are people pointing to that makes you the best Flash??? If you have player A who went to WB and FR and player B who went to more tournaments and did well, what makes player B better than player A if player A can't get Fridays off of work and hasn't been able to go to a major since December? I mean that seems kind of unfair to me because I know that when I'm at my best I outplay everybody and I feel confident that I'll put my Flash up against anybody, when I'm playing my best, and I also played Crathen online in a FT10 and he thought I was the best, anyway I get what you're saying and respect your opinion but nobody gives me credit and I guess I'll have to prove myself at KiT.

Wait was this question about me?"