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M11K Kharakter Usage Khart


Clinch should be a command grab
Seriously though I think this idea has its uses but the big problem is that your list will inevitably always be a few steps behind of what the meta 'actually' is.


'ello baby, did you miss me?
Worth mention that although Kombat used Johnny and Sonya for the same amount of "points," his Johnny didn't look very good, while his Sonya was terrifying.
My favorite part about making this isn't to watch people rage over whether or not this is a legitimate tier list or not. Thats way too short sighted to even be worth arguing over. I just love that a formerly unknown or not well known player has their name up here. Not just on some random article for a day and then gone. In this scene if you aren't a top player...well no, i dont even want to say that, because some top players don't get the shine they deserve. I love the scene as a whole and not just a handful of players so this is just my way of celebrating us all.