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Tech Liu Kang OTG Parry Combo


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I'm not sure if this is already known or not, but when Liu Kang parries a high jump punch or jumpkick in the corner he can get a free combo. I haven't been able to do this midscreen or incorporate Xray but maybe it's possible. Also thanks to topper2ath for helping me test this.
Is this old news or new tech?



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Yeah, parry OTGs with a full combo in the corner, not mid screen though.

It's always nice to find stuff yourself though, :)


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I think it has to do with the height of the opponent after the parry.

I've known he can OTG combo afterwards, but never knew the "rules" behind it.

Very nice! Maybe it is only after a JIP/JIK.


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Good stuff, Seapeople.

I've already incorporated that into my gameplay.

Here's me kicking GamerBlake90 ass with it go to 1:09:20

It doesn't have to be a jp or jk, tbh, but the timing is very tight if it isn't!

Also, if used against Mileena's tele you can do b1 low fireball.


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Its OK, its known. Just no one parrys as much. In the corner is preferred, You can actually do this mid screen if its a above head level into b+1 bicycle kick for full punish..