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List of Mileena players


I play her when there is a pad available.

It feels too weird for me on hitbox lol. If anyone asks if I play any other characters in casuals, I always pick mileena even with hitbox. Her and Raiden were my mains before I picked up kabal 100%.

psn: TYM-Lulzlou
No, I'm not part of that tym clan.

Immortal Kombat

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Hell ya i main her. Does she even have a matchup worse than 6-4?( Maybe cage) The only character i use, the only one i need


Mileena was my main from launch up untill a few weeks ago, lol.. and i still think shes my main now, becuase whenever i come across a tough opponent, i allways find myself running to her :p So feel free to add me, SpliffySmitheey is XBL :)


Something wicked this way comes.
Been in love with her since MK2, I'll never drop her, no matter how many people hate on her lol