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List of gaps punishable by normals or parries


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Can u explain this? Why 3 on reversal?
In Injustice 2 (and also MKX that I know of), doing the input of a reversal removes 1 frame of blockstun from the attack you've blocked. Because the recovery on the opponent's attack stays the same, a 4-frame reversal will effectively work like a 3-frame move.
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Updated the list:

- Added the gaps Black Manta, Hellboy, Raiden, Red Hood and Sub-Zero to the main list.
- Changed the list to alphabetical order rather than their position in the character roster.
- Added Aquaman's 112~3 string.

Also an update on Black Canary and Red Hood parries: They're not nearly as quick as the Joker and Batman parries, so making a separate list for them is not necessary. Assume the following:
  • Black Canary's parry works on all practically all green gaps as a reversal.
  • Red Hood's parry works on green gaps where the gap is either larger or equal to an 8-frame S1 trade.
Oh and to Starfire players, could one of you send me a list of how her gaps work? I don't own her.
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Pretty common knowledge nowadays, but Robin's DB2 has a gap when you MB that can be parried/poked out of.