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Lineup for Tonight's Babeality


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

Another Tuesday, another night with Babeality, the MKX showcase featuring female players in the NRS scene. We've got some returning faces, some new faces, and some of the best MKXL players still in the game today. This is all going down at 8 PM EST tonight.

If you missed Babeality's first week, Flutter was the star of the show, pretty much running the QOTH until everyone else could figure out how to deal with her pressure. Alongside her, we've got HZRDS/SIREN Infinitii, TYM's very own Scarsunseen, BxA Legion, SIREN/KINETIC Mystify and AssassinRose, all playing for the honorary title of Babeality's reigning queen. And you can catch everything in 6 hours over on their Stream.me page, don't miss it!


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I was able to tune in for a little bit of it, it was nice. The Kenshi player was fun to watch.