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Lineup for Tonight's Babeality


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

Week number 2 for Babeality, a new MKXL showcase featuring women in the NRS scene, is taking place tonight and we've got details for those of you who missed their debut last week.

This is less of a "who's the best" series of grudge matches and more of a "streamed Queen of the Hill with commentary". Last week was pretty fun, and for those of us outside of the right circles got to see how godlike Flutter is with half the cast. Siren Chyna is the only returning face with week, so we've got a whole fresh batch of names to check out.

The stream is going live 8PM EST over on Stream.me. If you wanna check out the show from last week, the first video is archived over on Youtube (or through that same Stream.me link). And if you have any female friends, or are a female yourself, and want to get on the show, you can just go message either Manouschka or Llumiya and let them know you are interested.


Kurtis Stryker For MK11
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If y'all haven't seen her on The Clash, Bleujay has a dope as fuck Blue Beetle, wondering who she plays in MKX
Oh my god, I played her some time ago, didn't realize it but definitely a stellar player for sure, I very much enjoyed her Beetle. Made me think it was an Atai hidey haha.