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Tech Lex u3 HKD 50/50 cross Up

fr stack

Noob's saibot or noob saibot's?
i think this is known i remember seeing this tech before 8(
great find though for someone who doesnt play the character haha
I got this a while back.

You can get it 100% consistently if you do a j3, b2, u3

However if you do it this way it's super-wonky as a crossup. I use it mostly as a safejump. IIRC I could do the j3 early and it would hit in front, but I wouldn't be able to confirm it into a combo, you'd just have to air corp charge.
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Awesome, I hadn't seen this before! This will be useful since I've been *occasionally* using Lex again (Mainly for HG. That character is really frustrating to play against as Joker).