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Let's agree on what GL needs in the patch


it doesnt matter just somebody who wants 2011 rebelo back bro. let me know when hes back and not another washed up nrs impostor pretending to have footsies with gl cant even beat my batman lul

pce my man
Your killing me right now lmao i want to know who this is lol

B. Shazzy

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Lmao bro ill body you right now jump on lol

theres no point. marvel getting a game off you is all i needed to see. ive played marvel like 20 times and hes got zero games. even worse losing to King's batman bro just stop mashing d2 24/7 lul but anyway let me know when one of those things changes come find me. or build a time travel back to 2011 and we can play for real


If I were Fred I would have just left after that first game.

How much of the set was GL vs GL? I only watched a few matches, skipped around some. Didn't see 1 mirror. Saw some Sub, Red hood, GL from both sides but never a mirror.


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They played the mirror at least 3 games maybe 4, right after marvel played red hood.

But I thought the same thing. Stream chat was all over that too like, red hood?
Idk why anyone isn't confused by that besides me.

It's like me beefing with someone about superman because we main and disagree about the character, then we show up and play Harley vs Brainiac. Like I don't understand.
I think there was like 4-5 games of fred using GL it was towards the middle of the set.


That shit was free as fuck. Best part is when Fred Marvel was fumbling through different characters. You sure played a high lvl GL alright...LMFAO


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Goodness if this thread was cleared of all the irrelevant posts that are nothing but people being asshats, the topic would only have 3 pages.
That said, my only wish for GL is for the hitbox fix on LM. It whiffs so often for no reason it's not even funny.

B. Shazzy

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So out of respect for the very recently deceased I wont drop any numbers but let's just say uh... at least I'll always remember the real Rebelo man... unfortunately he lives only in my heart now

RIP whenever Rebelo was born - 2011

never forget the legend lost that day. tragic what nrs games did to him lul.

Sureeeeeee buddy
thanks for playing bro better luck next time kid

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