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Lesser Known Wants for Injustice 2

I am an avid comic book reader, and a huge fan of the DC franchise. I'll risk sounding like a hipster here, but there are some non-mainstream, or lesser known wants of mine for Injustice 2. I've just received my final acceptance to uni, I am bored to tears and have no work to do. So, I figure I'd share them!


Probably my all time favourite character that has ever been spat out of DC, this badass mofo is literally the anti-batman. His criminal parents were gunned down by law enforcement officers when he was young. He matches brucey in every physical and mental capacity. Using his mile of knowledge and physical prowess, he bested the Justice League twice.

I spot two 10-0 matchups here.

He also bodied Martian Manhunter, so that unfair green bastard can hold that. I could see him playing out like he does in the comics. He gets a few hours of prep prior to each match, and kills his opponent within seconds of their encounter by preying on their liabilities. Uses special gear to 10-0 everyone but Batman.


You haven't experienced true badassery until a) You've read a Midnighter comic, and b) You've watched the opening scene in Inglorious Basterds. I myself have been privileged to both. Not only does this guy have meta-human physicals that have give him the ability to topple Superman-Level beings. But within his head is a battle computer. He can plan out any fight a million times in his head before it happens, and predict every single move his opponents make.

Spoiler alert: He goes and does exactly what he states he can do.

I can see him being a fair character tbh. Once you pick him, you put down the controller and allow the computer to make every single ungodly read possible, rendering your opponent completely immovable. Upon first moment, he hits them with two 100% resets, and they lose, as he is the Midnighter. 10-0's everyone but the Joker.

Manchester Black

He was recently made popular in Superman Vs: The Elite. He is a badass, Manchester accent having, Telepathic, Telekinetic villain with a large Union Jack tattooed on his chest that everyone mistakes as a shirt. (He shouldn't get service anywhere) He is powerful enough to reduce Superman himself to his knees, and has telepathically battled Martian Manhunter.

Superman mains beware. He plays out as the best zoner in the game, 20% projectiles and telepathic freezes that require no meter. If he gets super, he squeezes the capillaries in the brain of his opponent until they huddle in the corner of the bat cave in the fetal position.

Thats my list. If you don't like it, I respect that, as you are entitled to your own opinion. I just want you to know that you're wrong and I really dislike you. Pulp Fiction GIF.



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Lol... Manchester black is a joke though. Even he admits Superman basically jobbed him the entire time

Fred Marvel

It's actually Freddy Marvel
heres a really lesser known one

He can generate psionic bricks that can be used to set up walls/shields create armor, or just hulk hands to make him stronger among other things
plus he's a teen titan :p


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Better online netcode... Or less games that just magically drop for nothing. More of the Shazam family. Vibe haha.
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