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"Last Breath" New Mechanic to stop chip kills?


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Adapt to bullshit?
Rewatch K&M MKX day 1 gameplay. Did the devs say “adapt” to that?
Everything you listed as broken is not as such. Very good? Yes, they are intended to be as such. That last part about the zoning is personal preference and indicates this game is likely not gonna be for you.

KBs are one-time use. Breakaway is actually a semi-counter to KB launchers, and is balanced by not only taking both of your DEF bars, but also reducing regen speed considerably and leaving you without wakeup options, interactables, and character-specific cancels. Perfect Block requires you to actually learn the attacks of the game before you can even utilize it, and is limited by what you are blocking and whether you even have one stock of both OFF and DEF meter.


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Well there's a few questions with this I'd like to know, hopefully NRS covers it in their next stream first but if not I can wait til someone breaks it down regarding every character. I can see one way to deal with this if you're trying to get that last chip damage and cacn't, win via running down the clock? I know it's rare but we've seen it happen in tight, lengthy matches from time to time. But yeah I want NRS to dive into this a bit more, seems like something too vital to ignore.


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so dumb, god i hate how dumbed down fighting games are becoming.
yeah cause MK9 was so complex... roflmao... and I guess it was also totally NOT an unbalanced, broken, infinite combo mess either.


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Damn, I totally missed tat. Looks really interesting, it's going to make people feel even more pressured.

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Excellent new mechanic. It was also so dumb that if you were on a pixel and knocked down, you were done with no hope of making a comeback. This will make for some really cool moments.
There's nothing else you could use it for because if its not being used to save your life you'd be dead. One thing I would like to know is if you flawless block instead to save yourself from the chip damage then do you get to keep the bar or does this override it?
But it's got you asking questions right? It needs testing