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Match-up Discussion - Lackey Lackey vs Kotal (BG/SG/Mabye WG) possibly 7-3 or 6-4


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Everyone can armor his sword mixups for free though so there really isn't anything new there. Its still not something that can be done on a consistent basis, especially when the War God player mixes it up so much that it no longer becomes predictable. Even Sonic Fox has been seen to struggle a bit vs War God and not punish things consistently.

As a War God player, its sucks when my swords get punished free but I would much rather take a reversal special punish that does a little damage than a full combo launching special or combo starter where I lose at least 30% of my life every time.
@Cooljaxx got me, I literally mean for free, no cost or resource is used to get out of that pressure


Sometimes I do d3 and then d1. But only when I know they have a slower poke that our and when they counter poke