Kung Lao? Where dose he really Rank Now in the Tier List?.. Top players?

Discussion in 'Kung Lao' started by ZtrideRz, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. yeah if it really was just the low hat nerf, it would be stupid. but the truth is in each patch kung lao got nerfed, you can't blame people for getting through 4 patches and don't want to play lao anymore. it is also true that a lot of people abused the fact that people couldnt deal with lao at the time. I only care for low hat because of the low hitbox characters, I dont care for 24 low hat whatsoever because I never played lao in that version of the game, ive been playing him for like 3 months now? I started playing him as a second actually and my opinion of him is that I could do a lot of stuff I didnt even see other lao's do, thats why I started maining him.
  2. ForeverKing

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    You got me a couple times at Power Up. ggs by the way, you need to get on xbox so we can play more lol
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  3. ForeverKing

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    Yeah and anytime they think your gonna 2 1 them, they can d1 you first. It's a mind game. KL doesn't just automatically win lol
  4. A F0xy Grampa

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    Thats the thing though, they can only d1 you, if they even attempt to hit you with a move than isnt 8 frames or quicker after they hit you with a d1, you can still 21 them before they can hit you in most cases.

    And usually in this games, hitting multi d1s doesnt really add up to much since normals do better in chip
  5. UsedForGlue

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    If the opponent is going to play like a paranoid wreck and d1 KL after a 21 on block (when he is already 0) to get +1 advantage (on hit), then fine...because If I block after 21 (or any combination of string) and you guess wrong with your d1 afterwards, then you are back right where you started.

    When people finally realise that this is how he is played, then they will see how devastating Kung Lao has always been.

    Using D1 or D3 as a counter to KL's block strings is not the definitive answer on how to get out of KL pressure, it never was, it's not as simple as that.

    Opponents can't just D1 and D3 everything all day as if they are just allowed to do it against KL and he ''can't do anything about it'' you couldn't be more wrong,

    A good Kung Lao player will want you to D3 him after everything.
  6. UsedForGlue

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    And in my opinion, Kung Lao is the best character in the game. He was built to win.
  7. SaJa

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    At this point, every characters in the game are hard to master, but they aren't all easy to play ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. PND_Ketchup

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    Foxy has spun me out of 1,2,B1 etc in offline casuals.
  9. STB Sgt Reed

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    KL is one of the characters that doesn't have to work that hard to win.
  10. Espio

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    Just like every other character(player) has to have really good footsies and work for the win, I don't see how this is any different from people who play Kabal, Mileena, Stryker, Nightwolf, or Ermac for example.
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  11. swag1

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    i think hes low top 10. maybe 9 or 10. hes awesome, but there's just too many characters that are better than him. still, very important for tourney play as he destorys kenshi.
  12. Death

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    Yeah of course. The first 2 hits whiff. That string should only be used as JIP block string.
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  13. GNG Iniquity

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    Fix Sektor's god damn whiffing! lol
  14. PND_Ketchup

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    I kinda knew that lol. My point is that it's not theory. Foxy says what can be spun out of because he has done so successfully. Offline.
  15. ZtrideRz

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    Well I'm sure foxy will show us at EVO how great Kung Lao is... Glue says he is best hope too see 1 off them do well at EVO with him.. Which I doubt. I see foxy going for sonya and glue picking Jax or Kabal. But will see.
  16. Theme

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    Kung Lao wins.

    It doesnt matter what anyone thinks. If you like Kung Lao, use him. If he sucks, use him. If he rapes, use him. Stop trying to justify yourself for using him, he doesnt suck, nor is he the best. He has his flaws and his pros just like every damn character in this game. Its not the character, its the player. These threads keep popping up god damnit.
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    lol I feel like this character tier stuff is like the stock market. You go to bed and Character X is bottom tier, wake up next morning and someone is profusely justifying how they're now top tier xD
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  18. TotteryManx

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    I don't think KL ever left the top 5 imo. The worst blow up I've recieved recently was from a KL player. It was ridiculous. I've never seen such speed and mobility.
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  19. I think Kung Lao only has problems vs kitana because of her high dmg that comes from air control and her punishment she gets vs spin. Also her low hit box and how d1 pushes him back out of his 21 range.
  20. Yeah I would say her pokes would give him the most trouble.
  21. Doctor Angel

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    This sums up my thoughts precisely.

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