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KUNG LAO BUFFS ( wish list)

Kung lao buffs (wish list)

1.) b4 -9 or 10 ( -13 is pretty high for a sweep)

2.) Monk Dunk: f-1,2 make -6 ( currently -7)

3.) 21.... series

Option 1.) make either stand 2 plus 4 so you can jail off of f1 and but not change anything else. just make the highs jail after the first hit, 2. It would still be possible to duck after 21 and get a punish but would be really risky since he could do 2 and then f1.

Option 2.) make the second hit of 21... a mid and let everything jail on block.

4.) wutang : teleport 4 ( make the crushing blow a counter hit, so it there can be a purpose for delaying the teleport

5.) fix fatal blow so that if the first hit connects the second will always connect. ( possibility: re-stand after the first hit hits so the second hit is guaranteed.) this issue is more common than most people realize

Special moves

1.) Hat Possession db1 ( make it have a tighter hit box on the opponent. currently you can pretty much walk half screen and still not be hit by it.

(optional) have it counter anyone who presses or moves would be a pretty great buff, but reducing its time that it’s out for would last would balance it out.)

2.) spiritual guidance db4 ( make upward soul burst a mid. that's it, no frame changes.)

3.)buzz saw db 2 ( make it a one slot move and have zero move restrictions other than moves that are the same input.)

My reason for the change: z hat is 1 slot , plus on block, combo launcher, cancelable and plus on hit, -8 on block. Buzz saw on the other hand is -13 or more from f13 , negative on hit from closers grounded opponents, plus 4 on hit at the most when space properly, does not start combos from the ground, and many characters can punish, or avoid the move. EX: noobs slide

i'm not asking for any changes to buzz saw other than making it 1 slot


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My buffs for Kung lao.

Movement: he's a SHAOLIN but he's moving like a sumo on the ground bro should be smooth as boiled eggs. On some fujin type movement.

Make s4 plus 2
(my selfishness wants plus 5 like Kano s4)

Since d3 and d1 jail high attacks now this will give Lao plus frames and an actual use for s4. Even shao kahn has plus frames why can't lao right?

Teleport: if movement buff happens (please lord paulo) teleport start up is fine. The opponent can punish teleport on reaction so reward lao for getting this freaking move off by buffing the options it has.

Teleport 1 to mid

Teleport 3: give teleport 3 the ability to launch for one bar of meter.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
One thing i forgot to mention, it's the ultimate just frame link, in MKX the hatspin just frame link it's during the hit of the hat, in this game it's several frames AFTER the hat hits, doesn''t really help his technical aspect that much.


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You can have any Lao buffs you want as long as his jumping hurtbox becomes full screen.
No, you can have every buff you want but he has to lose 3% of health for everytime he jumps so KL Lao's are forced to A.) Lose every single match and B.) Actually learn how to play a fighting game
That's his only way to get any advantage frames and to advance and close distance. My recommended changes addresses all of that.


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No, you can have every buff you want but he has to lose 3% of health for everytime he jumps so KL Lao's are forced to A.) Lose every single match and B.) Actually learn how to play a fighting game
If that is working for them they have learnt how to play this fighting game, and maybe if you can't counter it, you haven't.


Your circumstances are dire!
He is oppresive enough as he is. If he gets buffed, something needs to be taken and given.


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I don't see how buzzsaw should be 1 slot. Bit I think stance and orbiting hat (on opponent) should be 1 slot. Saying that I havent played the game for 18months and this is mostly just from observation so ignore me lol