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Kratos in MK10

If we got kratos in mk10 how would you guys want him to play? I'd say way more blades of chaos! I'd like him to use em like kenshi! Maybe an interactive fatality, like beating the Shit outta zues style!
I'd like him to have more ranged chain attacks with his blades, and off-screen sexualities with the females for giggles.

Oh, I would want him to still have his Hermes Dash Cancels!
Bro not gonna happen....don't get ur hopes up.
But hey: it's fun to dream, right? I can only imagine the salt that would pour from the MK "purists" if Kratos became an official part of the MK roster, even if he has no part in the story whatsoever.


What's the point of a random Krypt?
Oh, I hope not. He was one of the most boring chatacters to play as or against