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Kombat Pack 2 Has Kum!

fake nobody asked for takeda
100% WRONG. Actually Takeda is a rather highly requested character, especially considering the backlash the Kombat Kids received from the community during the release and lifespan of MKX. I personally think he had the best design of any of the new characters introduced during the game, followed closely by Ferra/Torr and Kotal. Kung Jin also had some potential, and I would truly like to see how both him and Takeda evolved from X to 11.


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Mileena is the best, Mileena 4ever !
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Ed boon just tweeted that he will be presenting with Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock. (as a joke)

Wasn't there an old MK11 leak which said that after MK11 NRS will make a wrestling game?
Maybe, but The Rock will be Black Adam in a future DC movie aleady scheduled to happen, so, probably will be something DC related ..... maybe a teaser of Injustice 3 ? hehe :D
im also conflicted cause this is the leaks ive got minus one guest. but the leak was supposed debunked and now the dates makes sense i really dont know what to believe anymore.


Bruce Campbell 4 MK!!!
Friendly reminder that we know of the Harry Potter game via leaked footage that WB took down immediately.
The mobile game listed here has not been confirmed in any capacity correct? If that gets confirmed then we know this is absolutely for real

Also, James Wan (producer on the MK film) is confirmed to be there. But he also directed Aquaman, so he may be there for the sequel. Or both!