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Kombat Pack 2 Has Kome!


Honestly I think some voices here are overreacting when it comes to alleged lack of communication from NRS side. Like, season pass 2 for Soulcalibur was announced in october 2019 and we still don't know who is the final character... Season 4 for Tekken was announced over a month ago yet still no details... It could have been waaay worse.

For me the better policy is not to announce anything for some time rather than drop a trailer or something (with basically no content or specific dates) and then not sharing any info for days. Option B is more unfair if you ask me.

And if Cyrax and Sektor eventually show up, the promise of 'no unplayable NPCs' (tautological as hell) will be fulfilled. 1,5 year after the game's release but still :D
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The leak is definitely inaccurate.

Boon non-jokingly deconfirmed Ash. He isn't happening. Boon never deconfirms a character in a serious manner and the character ends up being confirmed.

Havik isn't in the leak, which then makes no sense to remove his assist.
Remember, in the past Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa denied that he wasn't returning to play Shang Tsung in the game. I know, it's not the same as deconfirming a character, but still, it's possible guys like Ed and Richard are doing the same thing just to throw us off guard.

Art Lean

I had trouble trying to listen to those clips whilst staring at Sindel's ridiculous tits at the same time.

Never been good at multi-tasking! So I darkened my screen and gave them another listen...

Anyway Lambert sounds a bit better here, god his vocal chords have suffered through the years though, hope he's alright. I think it's let down by the fact that he's not able to bring any of that apocalyptic wit he brought to the movie version, it needs his wry humour and inimitable laugh on some lines, but sadly he's obviously got to re-record what's already been spoken by old boring captain stoic there.

But god Wilson-Sampras brings the sass, she sounds great (can we not replace all of Sonya's skins and voice acting with her haha?) and love just how much cooler Ashby's Cage carries himself over MKX and MK11's more goofy representation of the character where he comes across as a bit of a Stephen Baldwin doofus.

Art Lean

I don’t recall defending Rousey.
Wasn't saying you were, just that THAT's the very definition of reading off a script without knowing the context, and anything Wilson does is immeasurably better by comparison even if she just recorded the entire English dictionary one word at a time in different inflections and accents for every word and they just strung the sentences together from them :D


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If you really hate the hints and leaks and they affect you that much you could always.... yknow... like...

...not pay attention to it.


Some of those voice lines really don’t sound all that great to me. I’m happy for the nostalgia, but the cadence in the way they’re speaking doesn’t sound right. It’s like they’re reading the lines without knowing the context with which they are being spoken.
Theirs a massive difference between regular acting & VA work & the only people with a lot of VA work from the original movies are Carey & Lambert. Not surprised the others are a little lacking.


"Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn"
oh my (horror) god ...

Michael Myers
(Human) Klassic Shao Kahn
Harley Quinn

please let this leak be real

since a long time, i really wanted a Human MK2 Shao Kahn Skin in MK11
MK2 has a special place in my soul and the retro stage also really reminded me

the hype is real
"Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn"
and if you really want to go the extra mile @NRS
give Shao Kahn this 5th win scene (with the laugh)

edit: while I am posting here: big thanks @NRS for lowering some Shao Kahn brutal requirements
(i still hope for one of his air grabs to be one brutal db1 (smashsplashkill) or db1meter (make him smash the target with his hammer about ~5 times in full force and just leave mess xD)
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I cannot and likely will not ever understand this mentality. It sucks being left in the dark with just weird hints / teases, but the content announcements will happen when they happen. If you're discontent, move on to something else while you wait. There's absolutely no reason to whip oneself up into a tizzy begging for stuff.

EDIT: at the very least, a vast majority of the tweets I see are actually keeping it civil instead of frothing at the mouth screaming so that's good.