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Kombat Pack 2 Has Kome!


Mileena is the best, Mileena 4ever !
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I literally don't hate Mileena at all but the way her fans have acted, they don't deserve to get her
I like Mileena, she's one of my favourite characters and I don't give two fucks about her fans.

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Damn, man, I'm a huge Mileena fan, in fact, she is my favourite MK character and I miss her, but .... :confused:

it's simple unbelievable that people still think that Mileena will be in MK11 ..... seriously, she is guaranteed in MK12, we all know that, but in MK11 ? nope .... very improbable, due the all vestiges so far : Kitana stealing half her moves and her sais, her being an assisting stuff in Towers, she being on Kitana's friendship ..... her mentions on Story Mode about being dead, and none traces of her being ressurected by Kronika ....

her only and unique minor little chance, a very very tiny and skeptical one, a huge only IF, it's just if Boon really believes that, after all months and months of trollism and sarcastic teasing and bullshit on Twitter, if NRS and WB believe that she still might could worth as marketing product material for MK11 and would or could end up selling a lot as hell as the very last DLC in some possible KP3 and so, give tons and bunch of money for WB ..... business is business after all, right ?

anyway, the first scenario, she being out and off, and gracefully coming back in MK12, is much more likely ..... the same what happened with Sindel and Jade, they were out in MKX as playable, and came back great in MK11

Sorry, but I don't believe she will make it into MK11 roster ..... love her, anyway, she will come back only in the next game :rolleyes:

Didn't he datamine entries for Kombat Pack 2 and Kombat Pack 3 already in these past weeks? I thought I had seen it somwhere, it was datamining of the game's files in the Aftermath update, also stating Ash was removed completely from them.

Unless I'm going batshit crazy lol


Ask me about my Mileena agenda.
I literally don't hate Mileena at all but the way her fans have acted, they don't deserve to get her
Those "fans" are just a relative handful of fools on Twitter with too much time on their hands that don't represent her entire fanbase.

I want Mileena in this game. Badly. But I won't die if she's not. But it makes no sense to punish and troll an entire fandom based on the actions of the bad apples


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most likely "half" of KP2. I have theory that the skin packs in aftermath were delayed because they will be a part of the rest of the characters.
That is a possibility but it’s less likely to me. It would be weird to release 3 new characters of a KP and not a announce a KP along the 3 characters.


I literally don't hate Mileena at all but the way her fans have acted, they don't deserve to get her
What is your obsession with Mileena not being in MKX? I literally see you post that you don't want her because "of her fans" more often than I see Mileena fans whine about her here. Take a chill pill and don't take 15 year-olds on twitter too serious mate...Maybe you should take your gripes elsewhere cause most Mileena fans I see here say the same thing: we'd love her in the game, we didn't die that she's not:coffee:

Now in terms of KP3 if it actually exists, I got Fujin and Sheeva finally (2 of my 3 favs) so I'm happy with whoever else we get. Preferably some forgotten 3D era character completely revamped
So questions (apologies if someone already answered these and i missed it):

Is Aftermath KP2? Is there another KP2 coming in addition to this just now reported KP3?

Has this specific leaker/dataminer, who has apparently been on the money, said who is in KP3?? I'm getting my leakers mixed up.


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He datamined the dialogues, he datamined Joker, Sheeva, Shang, Fujin, Spawn, Terminator, Sindel, Ash, ROB. He datamined Mk files post Aftermath patch and Ash files are completely gone. And now he is saying KP3 is in the data. 1) He’s not a rando. You are. 2) Sorry, Ash fans.