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Kombat Kast Recap 4/5/2019

New Kombat Kast. Or should I say Noob Kombat Kast? Because this is the one where they played Noob. And if you weren't able to watch, then just keep reading on to find out what Noob can do.


So today's kast was looking at Noob, as we already knew, Erron Black, the rootin-tootinest character to enter the Mortal Kombat universe, and the Kollector, that weird six-armed guy. They announced a few things early on regarding variations, the two big ones are "the current variations we've seen are not going to be final" and "they will work on custom variations for ranked/tournament play later on". Everyone will have 2 to start out day 1. Beyond that, they also mentioned a few general things about the game: player match will allow custom variations, ranked will not. Both modes do not allow things that augment character's stats. And this time around, gear is solely cosmetic.

From there, they showed what sounded like a really cool trailer for the Kollector that I missed because I was catching up with this paragraph. The Kollector, as told by the lore-master, 16 Bit, is a Shao Kahn supporter from the day who served as kind of a "tax collector". Contrary to initial impressions, the Kollector is not a straight grappler; he's a character that does a bit of everything, using tools in his pack to do stuff.


That style really comes through in his basekit. The guy just does a lot of weird moves that look really cool and seems to give you a lot of options to deal with your opponent. Some of his specials include a mace-ball projectile thing that you can charge up and shoot at people. Another trinket he has allows him to parry projectiles, and upon amplification, he can shoot a slow moving death ball back at the opponent. For something a little less flashy, he gets a bola that you can use to tie-up people or cancel out of for other things.

In one of his variations, he can get a command grab and a version of the mace-ball that you can shoot up instead of forward. And, like most people in the series, he can get a teleport that looks really quick.


If you aren't super into command grabs, he can also be made into a zoner who can do things like throw DoT flames at any spot on the level (low, mid, or far). If you are having trouble getting in on somebody, he gets a pretty quick chakram he can throw that also holds the opponent in place. You can combine the two for a krushing blow that also leads into a meterless pop-up.


Next up was Noob Saibot. Described as keeping to his MK9 base, his gear can make him either into a ninja or spooky ghost. The crew said he doesn't have a whole lot of normals, but makes that up with a lot of specials. He has his classic teleport and can just through out his clone to beat people up. If you do it enough times, it eventually turns into a krushing blow.

New moves, he can jump and through out the clone in a divekick. A really cool move he gets is a spooky ghost ball that's unblockable and drains a bar of both offensive and defensive meter on hit.


You can build up your Noob to be focused around his sickle. You can do things like summon the clone with it from the underground, or shoot him upwards for an overhead strike that can land close, mid or far. He gets another teleport where he throws the sickle and teleports to it. If you meterburn it, you can pop up your opponent.


Last up is Erron Black. Who can do cowboy things like just smacking dudes and throwing dynamite at them. As expected, he has a lot of strings that revolve around his pistols and doing fancy trick-shooting. Some cool additions to his base is no more caltrops: instead, he throws a vial of Reptile's acid. He can also go into a "rifle stance" where he can just pepper the opponent with bullets. But you only get 8 shots, and once it's done, you have to reload each bullet manually. He also gets unique fatal blow, in that it's a projectile that hits really quick.

Some of the specials you can get on top of that is command grab (who saw that coming?). He can also get a quick, low shot (that hits mid) with a lot of push back.


Some more moves include a trap made from a netherbeast's jaws that can trap people and is active for a long time. He can also get a really cool parry that can either shoot down projectiles or be amplified for a full screen projectile. You can hold this move too, so it lets you get into the opponent's head.

Closing things out was, as always, the belt battle. The score was either 3-3 or 4-3 Derek, nobody could remember. To mix things up this week, Tyler picked Jax while Derek stuck with his main, Jade. In a clean mopping, Tyler dominated in round 1. Apparently, it wasn't a fluke, as Tyler repeated the performance for game 2 and took the belt for this week. Tyler gave Derek a redemption round that didn't mean anything. It especially didn't mean anything because Tyler won, once again.

Next week is planned to be huge, but they didn't spill a lot of details. Fortunately for Honeybee, D'vorah's showcase is the only detail that they were able to share, beyond another 3 characters on the way. When the day gets announced, there'll be a post here somewhere.
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Surprised to see some people have their own imagination? Just go watch soccer otherwise, a thing created for the boring of mind which can't make up their own fluff, plots and fantasy stories.
I image you actually have a shrine to Cassie Cage and Miley Cyrus, and secretly adore and love them. But thats just my headcanon.
Surprised to see some people have their own imagination? Just go watch soccer otherwise, a thing created for the boring of mind which can't make up their own fluff, plots and fantasy stories.
What kinda fanfiction

If it was for me, I already changed my username to Kollector, but I can't.
But I find it ever so hilarious that your name is of a character you just hate so much. The "Selfie Slut" really won in the end. Cassie's impact. The best MK character ever created. She really did that. She and Good Noob are gonna team up and be badasses. I ship it tbh.
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How did she win? I hate her only more each day, and I really don't give that much fucks for a username anyway. I would prefer another one, but I don't care either way.

Fan-Fiction like the word was meant to be, like fan + fiction? I love to write short stories for some characters, lately I've been obsessed with an evil variant of Kung Lao, and the Flesh Pits.
[email protected] people who think a similar fatality will De-confirm a character... like they will ever give a character two of the same fatalities two games in a row...

Other games (even this game) have like 10.000 different types of decapitations, why can't there be two similar fatalities with characters sitting on their prey ripping them apart?