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Kittlesen talks about MK11 story ideas that could've been ...


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There’s those like myself who love both and think story telling DA and Deception are best of the series...But I’ve yet to see anyone say DA or Deception story and lore was bad.
I fall into this category. A lot of it is probably nostalgia now but I thought it was great at the time and being able to walk around the world was pretty cool. Kinda really bright it to life for me. Only thing I remember not particularly cathing for was some of the new characters, but I'm not alone there. I didn't like Armageddon though. At that point I think the 3d gameplay and stances really kinda wore out its welcome by then while it still felt good in the previous games, and the story was just meh.

Was the story in this game good or bad? I thought it was good. I went in with super low expectations which I tend to do with things I like (like with the evil dead remake years ago). Helps to keep me from getting disappointed. I just wanted something that was fun and enjoyable and I think the stories did that for me. I'm not looking for the greatest and most profound story in something as silly as mortal kombat.


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Guilty Gear has bigger priorities. But if they really want to make compelling story they should go the manga route.

I know the shiny but laughably poor story from Tekken 7, Seen how barebones SC6 was due to low budget but I don't hear a lot of talk about fighterZ's story.

ME3 had a great story, it just had a shit ending.
Oh no way in Hell buddy, I am going to disagree with you and leave it at that.

It was not just the endings which were shit at launch. The only way Remaster can get my money is if they include the multiplayer which was ironically the most enjoyable thing about 3.
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I thought MK11 story was a massive lost oppertunity. It felt like the storytelline was just cobbled together with a lame time travelling story so that they can bring back those they killed and reboot the series yet again.

This was dissapointing because MKX was the only title between two reboots. The ending of MKX looked really cool in that you had a really pissed off Raiden who confronted the newly crowned Kitana / Liu as the rulers of the Netherealm. I thought it was a fantastic set up for a new storyline given that you had the most powerful Earthrealm warrior of all time and arguably the most powerful from Edenia against a mad / dark god. There was so much they could do with that premise and MK11 should have continued with that storyline. Instead, they just made Kitana and Liu jobbers for Kronika. I cant help feel it was an oppertiunity missed. At the end, they could have introduced Kronika and that she was manipulating situations as a set up for MK12.

Such a shame!
I think the most wasted story element in mk11 was dark raiden. Mkx ends with him as a cliffhanger, only for him to literally fade away within the first 20 minutes of story. A red herring, if there ever was one.
Apparently they toyed around with him being around longer, but found that wasn't working. At least that's what Kittlesen mentions in this video.
Indeed. Wasted opportunity on the one hand, on the other ... we got a new 'villain'.
I really liked Kronika, to be honest. Having said that, I certainly think Dark Raiden could have been kept around as opposed to past Raiden.

Dark Raiden wasn't evil, but he was certainly more brutal and violent and aggressively dedicated to Earthrealm's protection.
Apparently they toyed around with him being around longer, but found that wasn't working. At least that's what Kittlesen mentions in this video.
Well that’s probably due to restrictions with how much screen time and fights they want to put in. It’s time they change that structure.

To me dark Raiden and the potential of Onaga, OnaGoro, is easily the most disappointing. I don’t care if it was another Deception like adaption mixed with some new.

So many ways to take that Onaga tournament idea with Raiden and Shinnok mixed in.

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I'm still annoyed that the Dream Realm storyline hinted at with Jade's ending in Mortal Kombat became look, it's Jade's mother that she didn't recognise in the background of her MK11 ending.
Finally saw a large part pf the video yesterday. Ok, its clear that the studio is on a totally different frequency .... At least lorewise. Seriously, are these the stories the come up? Heavy fanfiction.


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It ain’t Shakespeare, but compared to other fighting game stories...
It’s fucking almost Shakespeare.
So much this.

Street Fighter's V story mode was so much cringe I ended up stopping it and never playing it.

And I'm a story mode whore.

So much stupidity in that game's characterization. Like this guy:

He literally echoes himself. This is utterly the stupidest thing a person can do. And the worst part is that this is done in an attempt to make him look like a badass, when he actually looks like an idiot.

Oh, and this:

Seriously, it's like it's a fucking kindergarten over there. So much cringe.
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It seems we are divided as a community but definitely more in line with what I found to be true in general. Sorry for the tone, but was a bit emotional when typing as I couldn’t believe what I was reading :)
Divided sounds about right. As I mentioned, older school tend not to be a fan of 3D lore, newer school does. People tend to like better what they grew up with. As time goes on and older school gamers stop playing for various reasons, things will likely skew more in the 3D era's favour.