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Killer Instinct: Season 2 – Maya Reveal + New Character/Stage Select and Match Outcome Screens

I actually want the Killer Cuts CD myself I tweeted to Mick Gordon awhile back and he basically said ask Microsoft. https://twitter.com/Mick_Gordon/status/471495497987809280

Maybe they are holding off for the release of Killer Instinct Ultra Extreme Edition which I bet will look be something like this. (Physical purchase verison)

Game Title: Killer Instinct Ultra Ultimate Extreme Edition
Release: 4th Quarter 2015
Source: Me just thinking that they will do this type of package should KI get a season 3 and No I am not trolling I am being dead serious :p (i am smoking though so...)

1) All characters from season 1 & 2
2) KI & KI2 with online support (KI 1 will get patch that Double Helix talked about early this yr prior to amazon purchase since new developers release patch)
3)Killer Cuts CD / Digital Download for season 1 & 2
4) Get season 3 Character when with purchase of Killer Instinct Ultra Ultimate Extreme Edition

While I am at this I bet you the season 3 ultra package will be something like this

Season 3 Ultra Package - Includes KI Gold HD with Online support & KI SNES :p
All KI Characters for season 3
Killer Cuts Digital Download
Look at his tweets this past week. Killer Cuts for season 1 is finished, i think it is coming out with season 2 release