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KILLER INSTINCT! Gamertag Thread. Post your tag for games with other TYM players.

AK L0rdoftheFLY

I hatelove this game
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@AK L0rdoftheFLY GT: aNinj - you and I need to play.

I main dickbag Maya and will continue to do so after they nerf her.
I agree we do and I really should update the OP. I don't get on anything much these days due to time but text me (if you still have my number) and lets schedule a time to do it.

John Grizzly

The axe that clears the forest
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I won't be much competition at this point, but I'm trying to level up. Name on XB1 is the same as my name here. I play TJ Combo only.


Saiyan Prince
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XBL: vegeta2552
Main: maya
Seondary: (former main but will focus on when I'm comfy with maya) orchid

Currently I'm still not "good" as I just recently began TRULY learning the game. I got wrecked yesterday so I'm down for some serious training/discussion if mics are on hand.
I apparently need to figure out how/when to use em. My maya currently looks free
Her far standing heavy punch is ridiculous when she has both daggers.

Think the range of Sabrewulf's back + heavy punch, but slightly more, and the block advantage of Sabrewulf's back + heavy punch, but slightly more. It's THAT good. Also reels her in super close from far range. So you go from being sweep distance to them having to guess if you'll follow up with a throw or a normal.


Here... I am a god!
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Feed The Croc

Currently maining TJ and still figuring out the game itself. Took like a 2 month break though. I'd love to get some games in with anyone that's willing to play and level up. :)


TimelessVisions, Sadira player from The Netherlands, EU. I play Sadira and no-one else until the ghost character comes out.

Nathan Frost

Cybernetic Pyro Maniac
Heya guys. Would love to have you guys add me so we can get some games.

Gamertag: MK Scythe
I main Spinal and always looking to improve.


Hey Guys, I need a little help. I just got the KI Combo Breaker Pack and it installed all Season 1 characters, but it still only lets me select Thunder. Any ideas?