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Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition coming August 30


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Someone teach me the game please. I only bought Saberwulf so far.
If you haven't done it yet, hit the dojo mode. It's done with Jago and some info has changed through the seasons (juggles are breakable now) but it is a phenomenal starting point and breakdown of about 85% of the stuff you'll use in the game. Otherwise, take sneaky tortoise up. He's good people. (Yes, I said it.)

I'd be happy to help to, if I can. My gt is same as here.
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All too easy...
Playing against shadows are way better practice than normal ai. Normal ai will sit there doing nothing then perfect counter or punish you on reaction to whatever you do or perfectly break combos and never take the bait on counter breakers etc. Shadows play much more like real people and actually will keep your tendencies, its actually insanely cool


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Are Shadows available as part of season 3, I haven't even messed around with it and I don't have season 3 yet
They are. And to answer someone's question from earlier, Shadows are and aren't a good mimic of player's style. This is simply because it takes a LOOOOOOOOOT of records to really start mapping down your exact style and nuance and the AI naturally has some difficulty with some, usually more set-up heavy, characters and really just making them work, much less mimicing their player's style.

That being said, they are still a much better AI to practice against because they do take on some human elements to them.