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Video/Tutorial KHAOTIC_ICE Mileena Kombos


im solo left khaotic
i agree with pig, a majority of those combos are useless.... khaotic ice your missing the corner combo jip, B1+4, 234, 234, roll, (dash out) 4, neckbite for 41% or you can do B1+4, x-ray after roll for 50%!
like i said before bro it for show i just want to make a entertaining video that all this is trust me bro if you want see how i play we can do 1v1 if u like i play her smart but i do some mistake like random roll if u wanna fight me msg my account Meliadoul cap i at then end bro


I'm a literal Sloth
dude idc if you hate my video that ur option and i respect it but trust me i know how play my mileena those combos are only for show
I dont hate your video, not once did I say that. Also RM whatever your name is, what exactly should I be jealous about?


Firstly, this video is really well produced. It's an excellent exhibition of Mileena's shananegins. There was a lot of stuff you were doing that was unique, creative, and that I've never seen before. I think the intent of this video was to show off some flashy combos, which you did a great job of. Thanks for posting.

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