Ketchup & Mustard Choose Your Destiny: Geras

Discussion in 'Geras' started by Invincibeast, Jan 24, 2019.

By Invincibeast on Jan 24, 2019 at 1:35 PM
  1. Invincibeast

    Invincibeast Reborn Noob

    Next part of the Choose Your Destiny series, this time we've got Geras. The PND bros are on a roll, expect a new vid to drop tomorrow!

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Discussion in 'Geras' started by Invincibeast, Jan 24, 2019.

    1. HeavyNorse
    2. Invincibeast
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    3. HeavyNorse
      Welcome back then! ^^
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    4. karaokelove
      I was really hoping they would cover his "subtract or add time" move a bit more. I really want to know how often he can use it.
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    5. trufenix
      As much as he wants, cannot drop the clock below 9 seconds. Can raise it above 100.
    6. trufenix
      Just like tremor guys
    7. Invincibeast
      His Temporal Advantage and his 4 second time reverse will be game changers imo
    8. karaokelove
      So he can just spam it to bring the match down to 9 seconds? It doesn’t cost meter and the recovery didn’t seem to be too bad. Am I missing something?
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    9. HeavyNorse
      Seems like my post wasn't worthy. XD
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    10. ShepherdOfFire
      His design is meh but his moveset looks great
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    11. trufenix
      Well I mean, you would definitely lose cause nobody is going to stand there and let you do it three times, but I'm sure someone will come up with set ups. Ultra David already posted on Twitter and in his videos some ways to set it up off the sand trap.
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    12. KiD INsAnitY
      KiD INsAnitY
      The Add/Subtract time move is like 4th wall breaking. That’s crazy
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    13. xWildx
      I don’t even like grapplers, but god damn does he look cool.

      I haven’t found so many characters this interesting since MK9.
    14. Kroaken
      Ultradavid said that the move can only be used once per round. One addition of time or one subtraction. It is not spammable.
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    15. trufenix
    16. Chernyy Volk
      Chernyy Volk
      It's once per entire match you dummy lol
    17. Kroaken
      Is it? I thought it was per round. I'll have to recheck now.
    18. Chernyy Volk
      Chernyy Volk
      PRETTY SURE it's once per match. I think once per round even is too much.
    19. Kroaken

      @31:40 Ultradavid says once per round. That's where I'm getting my info.
    20. Jynks
      This guy looks boss. I just love the move set and he is one of the best looking form the reveal. I absolutely love the kinda golem looking thing he has going. While Radian and the ninjas and Sonya just look like great versions of what we expect, this guy and scarlet just look new and amazing.

      As for the moves.. I think this guy is going to be dirty AF. There is some super technology in this guy that needs discovering.

      As for the thing that effects the round counter? That is so bonkers I do not even know what to make of it. There has to be some kind of limiter on it. Maybe once per match or round or something. Even if the remove time is on cooldown it would still be crazy, particularly with how MK11 seems to have massive damage but short combos. Getting that last bash before the counter drops to zero is going to be a thing.
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    21. Kroaken
      Yep. There is a limit. Just covered it ^^^ up there :)
    22. DDustiNN
      This dude looks seriously badass. I’m really impressed.
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    23. Scyther
      At first, I was a little indifferent towards Geras. I liked his design for sure, but he didn't immediately stand out to me. But after watching a few videos, he simultaneously intrigues and genuinely frightens me with his intro dialogues haha

      I think he's going to be a major, MAJOR threat. I can't wait now to play him ^^
    24. vapid
      Geras is definitely the revealed character I am most looking forward to so far. I love his slow but powerful attacks and trickster/brawler playstyle. He reminds me a bit of Kotal from MKX, but with a more interesting toolset.

      If I end up buying the game I will definitely try to learn him.
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