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Keeping ankh between round


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
ok guys, this happened last night in a koth some some friends, havn't tried to replicate or test any more as of this moment, all ive done with this so far is just watched back the recording to confirm that i wasnt more intoxicated that i thought and did indeed keep a ankh through a round (my delayed reaction it to happening was funny to me watching it back)

so just wanted to get it up here asap and then we all can go about figuring out whats going fully going on.

i screenshot the moment the orb explodes just before puts health to zero and my ankh summon is in startup so "on paper" it is being summoned in round 1, that or there is a window in the win round poses that you can carry over a ankh summon startup into and game is considering it 2nd round?
(here's hoping it wasnt just a online thing :/)
id be very interested to see if we already have a ankh or two loaded and we try this could we keep all 3?

anyway here is the video proof of it happening:

screenshot mentioned:
I've had this happen to me before as well but instead of hitting them with a orb I killed them with an ankh and was in the middle of summoning another and I kept it in between rounds. Didn't mess with it though but maybe there's something here.