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Kanos Broken Super Jump Tech


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let the inner brokeness emerge and guide kano on a victorious revenge that shall set ablaze all who who stand before him!...still shit tier


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Yeah aslong as an up ball passes over them and you jump immediately this happens
Right. I noticed that on this particular setup (B2F1Exupball) Kano is turned around after whiffing the downward angle part of the ex upball. This is the same setup as crossing them over


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Rofffll @ "Super Jump".. That is quite possibly the saltiest thing I've ever seen. I'm cracking up.


Wow, months ago me, Magic Man and 12 Gauge were talking about using Kanos upball as a means of screwing up wake up attacks, and it's quite good on characters like Jax and Shang, but I never noticed he had that super jump.

Does this mean if he super jumps and does an instant air down ball, that it will beat anything else that someone tries to do?

EDIT: It's all very well people saying "just njp this" but whats to stop him air grabbing you instead?

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Ah yeah that's why I always say "I haven't seen this discussed" I won't claim to have found it. I figured at least one Kano player out there already knew about this
is this super jump thing a bug?
i mean if yes then should be patched...
or maybe every char has an "superjump" :D


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When Kano's toasty boost gets discovered he is gonna be godlike. Getting another X-ray to whiff and waste your meter on is just what he needs in order to be tournament viable.
Not like he has any thing better to do than fish for toasties too...


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is this super jump thing a bug?
i mean if yes then should be patched...
or maybe every char has an "superjump" :D
i wanted to test it out with others but it would have to be a move with the same attack arch as the up ball i think.