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Kano Mid screen possibility

I've been screwin around with kano alot recently and had a few questions.
If I land a launcher after a JP at mid screen could I then do a walking forward aaHP, JK into the corner, aaHP, Manhandel, HK/vert ball? Basically does the walking foward aahp,jk,aahp, MH work is what i'm asking.

Also after I get the MH i usually just resort to the Cball, vertball, or a HK...how difficult would you guys say it is to step that up to the double HK or the inf MH? Is it even worth practicing? Do I have to run cancel in order to pull of the second kick the same way I would the repeated MH's?

Sorry if this has been covered recently.


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The manhandle inf is timing specific, and some characters collision push Kano out of the corner slightly. I get almost one corner combo with Kano a match when I use him so I would say it's worth trying the timing for the inf, just remember how punishable it is.

As for you combo, it's very possible, you just have to be aware of how far from the corner you are, but it'll be just over 60% I believe.