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    sweep has interesting properties towards the end of his legs. it does stuff many wake-up options as petey said; most notably, it'll shut down noob's upclone.
  2. -Deadman-

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    You must have better timing on that than me, because Ive been stuffed by upshadow from max distance many times (online)
    Maybe it has a different hitbox on wakeup, but when I'm trying to get in vs noob, spacing a sweep and baiting an upshadow is my 1st priority and I get blown up a good portion of the time.

    BEENEEWEENEES Thou shalt be slain!

    if you're trying to bait upshadow like that, space it to just out of range and toss a knife :p
  4. MaceWind

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    I have to try this. Right now I'm either using a well-timed knife or downball to punish his upshadow. For the downball to work, I jump away from him then come back towards his feet. The two angles are different and you completely miss his projectile while punishing him. You have to get the spacing and timing down on this for it to work but it does.
  5. Flagg

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    Somberness If you jump over someone or "land" on the other side of a character, what are the frames for the character as they are turning round (if that makes sense)?

    For instance if I F12 cancelled into Up Ball, I know F12 is 0 on block and a up ball duration is 47 frames (higher than I thought) but you land on the other side of the opponent. Because a whiff up ball is 47 frames, seems you have all the time in the world to punish, so i was wondering if he gets a few extra frames advantage as they are turning round because he is landing behind them.
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  6. Somberness

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    Whoops, that should be 48...
    To answer your question, since the opponent recovers when Kano is on the other side already, there is no penalty for turning around.

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    always go for the knife imo, upclone has some sick recovery and jumping away from noob in anticipation offline may earn you a teleport slam.... (i guess a knife would too, but it's harder to react to X:) stay just outside of upclone range and toss knives. otherwise, go for a max distance sweep.
  8. MaceWind

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    The knife is clearly the go to offense but not only does the jump-back punish the upshadow but you'll also avoid his other projectiles, punish and not trade. You absolutely have to watch for a teleport so like everything, you mixup your tricks as to not become predictable.
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  9. RunwayMafia

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    So Krys9984 and I are doing a video for Jade on when to EN Glow during block strings. What strings for Kano do you know FOR SURE have gaps? Somberness anyone?
  10. Matador Fiend

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    You can armor through the 2nd and 3rd hit of B112. You can armor through F3B2 between the two hits. You can armor right after B2 before the 3 comes out. I knew about the gap between B112 before brady's vid but not the others. You also can neurtal duck F11 and F2. Kano is a very bad character
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  11. MagicMan357

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    dude, all you have to do is use b1,choke,d3 and mix up your footsy game
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    They are all fucking high.
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  13. PPJ

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    Sorry if this has already been mentioned but ex knives is -3 on block at point blank range only, so somewhere like midscreen it will obviously be +
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  14. Espio

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    Somberness 2,1,2 isn't interruptible, correct? I like that string a lot and it doesn't appear like it would be from my observations.
  15. Somberness

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    edit: That was a late tag, lol. Guess I don't have this thread on watch.
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    Thanks, I posted that a while ago, but I forgot to tag you, my bad lol:oops:.

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