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Discussion in 'Kano' started by SatsuiYesHadou, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. SatsuiYesHadou

    SatsuiYesHadou Yung Kneecaps

    Idk if this was known or not already so my bad if it was and if this thread is closed then I understand but kano was picked as my weekly main (btw I hate you guys for that D:< ) and so I was in training mode with him.

    While in training mode I found that you don't have to wait forever until ex ball is unblockable when it auto releases. You literally only have to charge for 2 seconds and then it becomes unblockable.

    Again, I'm not sure if this was already known I'm just throwing it out there. Some of you crazy people that really main this character for god knows why, might find some neat setups for this. For 1 week I'm going to try to find something to make this character a lil less sad everyday :)
  2. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

    >Implying that Kano should use meter for EX Ball, not XRay

    In all seriousness, I never heard of anything like it.
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  3. SatsuiYesHadou

    SatsuiYesHadou Yung Kneecaps

    Never seen it before. I was practicing with him today and my finger slipped while I was holding block and that just happened randomly. I think it would be useful possibly for like a free 12% to finish off a round
  4. bombrider

    bombrider Noob

    It isn't worth doing...X-Ray and breaker are the things you want to spend meter on 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time you can use meter for Ex Knives or Ex Upball but don't waste it on Ex Horizontal Ball. People will smack you in the face with a projectile before your 2 seconds of charging.
  5. SatsuiYesHadou

    SatsuiYesHadou Yung Kneecaps

    Oh nevermind this was known. Tom brady says it in his guide except he has it as 3.5 seconds. Doesn't seem that long though my bad
  6. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Yeah X-ray is what you want to spend your meter on.
  7. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    Except Kano has a mid screen combo, one bar, that does as much damage as X Ray. Infact you can make it more damaging than X Ray. For one bar.

    So no, Kano's meter isnt just for XRay and breakers.


    EDIT: Kano's jik canceled into ex mid air ball also does around 23% for anyone interested....
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  8. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Of course you can. But the point was NOT to use meter on EX ball, which isnt that useful.
  9. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    EX Ball goes over a lot of projectiles and attacks, its a good way to close off a round/match.

    I like to use full Meter as a psychological weapon. Suddenly characters like Cage dont want to attack you.

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