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Kabals d3 in Mean Streak...


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D3 itself is a pretty average poke with 8f startup and being -3 on block and stubby range but with it's 12f hit advantage it opens a whole you level of stagger pressure for mean streak specifically. I'll break down the different levels of it.
this isn't anything gamebreaking or whatever, just showing what a landed d3 can do for mean streak.

1. Since d3 has 12f hit advantage 111 jails from it with 7f startup creating this starting position ( I've done it in the corner but applies anywhere on the screen) :
- kabals 111 acts like an autoshimmy and is easily hit confirmable while being safe at -5
- lot's of kabal players only use 11 to create their stagger game since it's only -3

2. if you stagger from 11 you have multiple options but his best one is probably f4, after 11 it becomes a 12f mid so your opponent really has to mash out or make the read.
- in mean streak f4 ndc is hit confirmable and +1 on block
- with 12f startup f4 is not reactable. if they try to press a button without reading your stagger they'll probably get hit by f4.

3. after a blocked f4 ndc you have multiple options which are all great
- d1 becomes 6f after f4 ndc beating out any counterpoke attempt against characters with buttons slower than 6f
- f4ndc111 is the one I use the most and I think is the most effective. no one reacts to a single hit cancel so 111 works most of the time and is a great autoshimmy string
- f4ndcS2 is +3 which you can use to walk back b1 to whiff punish or go for another f4 since it becomes 6f after s3

4. you can also use ia amp buzzsaw after s2 to whiff punish. it's safe at -5 and creates great spacing so b1 will catch almost anything after it besides fast traveling specials/strings or jump ins. the sequence is also hitconfirmable at any point besides S2.