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i know shock told me once, but i forgot...whats the button combo for hitting kabals fireball after the lk lk hp hp d+hp combo? thanks again :p
well i mostly just jump kick then press b-b-HP after i hit them with kick but there might be a little secret to this cause i seem to miss alot online and not so often offline i don't know if its cause of lagg or button loss
Get used to HK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP. Low kick will only work if you start on the ground. If you start with a jump punch starter it will only work if you start with HK not LK.

Fireball is Back, Back, HP.

ILOVEPOOP, try doing the combonation for the fireball before the JK actually connects. Even offline it still comes out after the jk so it should work.


i do it differently, usually after doing hk lk hp hp d+hp walk, run, aahp cancel jk: after popup/aahp, normal jump - b,b HK, HP easier for gamepads, ded can do his jk afb insanely fast with keyboard


Yeah, you can get it to happen instantaneously pretty easily. Just remember, you don't have to wait for the jump kick to hit your opponent to start tapping back. Press forward+up to jump, once you leave the ground, start tapping away. As soon as the jump kick connects, tap HP.