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Join the Special Forces Faction Today!


Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
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I'm joining because Sonicfox is someone I strongly support and have for a long while and also because Tyrant is one of my favorite to watch on stream. Now if I can be so lucky as for Special forces to get Pimpimjim, Trepound, Pig of the hut and Doombawkz my life would be set :)


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Release day SF here!
Boys, we are at 6% and in dead last- we got a shit load of work to do... Let's go!


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Maxed SF, about to switch factions because there seems to be no benefit to staying. Anyone heard anything different? I expect to come back to SF as soon as I've maxed out the rest...


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Joined both my Xbone accounts to SF since I switched mains from Kano to Jacqui, lets get it in