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Johnny Cage's YOU'RE PLUS! Guide

Name v.5.0

Iowa's Finest.
This guide is dedicated to 2 things. How plus you are when you go for Caged Rage, and how plus your Fatal Blow cancels are.

Let's start with Caged Rage...This one is weird. I'm not sure there's been something like this in an NRS game before because the block frame data your string uses before you cancel into CR doesn't seem to have any bearing over how plus you are going into the special you're cancelling into. Strings and normals that are normally +, - or 0, have different properties once CR is activated. If you don't see a string or a normal in this list, it's because it's simply not worth using. Please do not mistake the data below to mean that after CR, you are ridiculously plus. The plus frames start after the string to allow CR to come out.

All listed moves are +22 and +21. If +22, they can only be beaten by a 6 frame move, like Geras' D1. If +21, can be beaten by a 7 frame normal, which for many characters, is a standing 1 which leads to full combo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Level 1 Caged Rage can be beaten by literally anyone. All data below is for CR levels 2 and 3.

12~CR: +22.
F4~CR: +21.
F344~CR: +21
S3~CR: +22
34~CR: +22
B34~CR +21

Now onto Fatal Blow Cancels. Again, if a string or normal isnt listed, it's simply not worth using.

Side Note: Opponent Fatal Blows may interrupt all of these cancels thanks to armor. Even 12~Fatal Blow Cancel, D1.

+7 guys. It seems like every FBDC is +7

If there's anything you want me to add to this, please let me know. I feel like I've forgetting something.
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