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Jax Third Variation Discussion

I didn't see one of these yet, so here's a place to talk about the third variation that was just announced.

  1. Lethal Clap (db1, aka nomoregotcha)
  2. Ground Shatter (dd4)
  3. Advanced Force (221122 string)
Here's some stuff mustard had to say about his variation prediction (which was right):


Hebrew Negro

KingofBosz97 XBL
I main this variation currently. I tend to play characters that don't get a lot of recognition. Lots of gimmicks/staggers people haven't picked up on yet.


This is also my main right now. I love the advance force move and how it has so many uses and mixups. I will be creating a combo fro it soon. I saw the combo vid that gunshow did and my combos are ompletely different. I rely much more on advance force, which is harder to juggle sonccitsnly, btu super powerful when used right. At first I felt like it was a wak move for juggles as it wuld often miss hits and drop the combo, but it's all a matter of precision. The stage tick throws and the pressure on block are insane too.