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General/Other - Jason Voorhees Jason is Coming! Images inside show him in game play, select screen and more!

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Wow they are just adding more to the sides huh... Anyone measure the boxes to see if they got smaller or they just removed the spacing... To see if anymore can logically fit... Also debunks all that 3rd row talk....

Saint Op Omen

Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...
so is jason gonna be available today or ? or are updates held back till sonys stupid weekly update
Well considering the compatibility pack update prettymuch installs the character... All NRS has to do is unlock it for Kombat Pack owners so that can happen whenever they want... The stand alone dlc will be when scheduled updates happen...

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The Camp Crystal Lake Horror is coming and we have images to tease you with. Yes, Jason is appearing online in different forms and even showing up on the character selection screen for some. However, no, he is not yet playable. However, there is a teaser image of him in game play as well as (basically) proof that the developers and/or Q/A team have been busy testing him out.

Check it out below!

He's almost here...



When he will be playable to Kombat Pack (Season Pass) owners is a little unclear right now. The date of April 26th is what we have, which is this Sunday. However, Kombat Pack owners get characters early, so Sunday may be the day that Kombat Pack owners are able to play with Jason while non-Kombat Pack owners may have to wait a little longer. We cannot confirm this at this time though. Will update when we know more!

Update! Jason is coming May 5th!

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Possibly next Saturday. At least that's what some people think from Ed Boon's cryptic tweets. "Airplane + Basketball + DLC = Saturday" Ed's from Chicago, Airplane = Wind, and the Bull's next game is next saturday.
Lol tyvm, just hope PC is released the same time!!
I find that he is in KOTH matchs but one time after practice i went to select and it allowed me to highlight him but couldnt buy him from the store.


PC didn't get the update yet (skins don't appear in kharacter view). I'd hate for the consoles to get earlier access than us, wouldn't be fair. But yeah, seems plausible concerning the trend...
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