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Question - Jacqui Briggs Issue with Jacqui's Stanky Leg

Mainly meant for XB1 players. So no matter how much I practice Jacqui's Stankey Leg I keep getting just the raw 4. And I only get the actual Stankey Leg(4u4) off of jump-ins. It seriously doesn't make sense since I'm pressing the inputs perfectly. Not sure if I'm pressing 4s too slow or too fast between each other(I've tried both) but either way I have had no luck. So is there anything I'm doing wrong in my inputs or is just the Xbox controller's pad that's screwing with me lol?

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I try to think of it as 4(4)+u, hitting the second 4 as a ghost note on impact of the first, or plinking then if you're on stick.


I also use the xbox one pad.

I press 4 and then u4. Or 44 with an u in between. You gotta be pretty fast. The logic is basically, you get out the u4 before the animation of the 4 is over, in order to alter it.
Appreciate the feedback from you guys. I pressed the inputs as fast as I can in the video to no avail. Im thinking I need to see someone's inputs in practice mode and try to emulate what they did with their inputs.


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Double tap 4 as fast as you can then time an up later.

The reason it's working off a jump in is because you're getting the buffer so the inputs are coming out together. This tells you that you're not inputting the inputs fast enough.
I've also personally found that if your having trouble getting the stanky leg to come out input 44 as fast as you can then immediately after hold up and it should come out more consistently if you haven't mastered it already sorry so late


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I watched your video back in slow motion and your problem is that you're separating the three inputs like 4 then U then 4. The input for Stanky Leg, 4U4 is like 4 then U+4. If you treat it as 4 then U and 4 at the same time you'll have much better consistency.