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Is it worth getting IGAU for ps4?

At this point, don't buy it on PS4. I only say that because I feel like it will be one of the PSN Plus free game of the month fairly soon.


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if it is anything close to the ps3 version get it.
add me on PC for the time being
been meaning to give my xbox one pad a try


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Honestly haven't been impressed with the netcode thus far. The lag is worse than PS3. I haven't been on much though so willing to give benefit of the doubt


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the lag is not worse than ps3 lol
I said I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was just a bad night and the Internet gods were not with me, idk. Either way I still deemed it worth getting for ps4 since I obviously bought it
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The few people I have played today have been very good. Way better then I have ever had on 360. And anyone that said ds4 is a great fighting games lied. That thing kills your thumb. Really wish I had a stick for ps4