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Invent a trait for Cyborg!


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
Also , trait would be fine if it healed on the ACTUAL first tick of activation like they gotdamn promised us...and could be instant canceled with a jump, which would allow him to IAFB with intermittent 2% heals.


Booyah Parries
Description: Cyborg has two parries. One parries highs, mids, lows and overheads. The other parries everything else. Parry successful and it gives you a "Booyah". Each "Booyah" improves Cyborg's walk speed and jump arcs.

Level 1 "Booyah" - Slight speed boost for Cyborg's walk speed and jump arc for 10 secs.
Level 2 "Booyah" - Better speed boost for Cyborgs walk speed and jump arc for 20 secs
Level 3 "Booyah" - Greater speed boost for Cyborg's walk speed and jump arc for 30 secs

* Works on all normals, physical special, slides, grapples, laser beams, MB B3s, rushdown, supers and rage quits "


Show me what you can do
I said it once and I'll say it again. Just make it a "Booyah!" button. If you can't annoy them with your zoning, just spam the trait button.

I don't play Cyborg, but from what I've seen, he's trait seems usable. Unlike before.


Justice 4 Firestorm
Double the moves!

Two projectilies from reg. Shots, and two missiles at two different spots depending on input
Two hits on armor on grapple startup



I write too much.
When you press the trait button, any of your projectiles currently on screen change trajectory and home in on the opponent (I don't mean follow the opponent, but just track where the opponent is at the moment the button is pressed and aim there instead).

This trait could function like Batman's in terms of recharge, AKA has 3-4 "charges" that gradually recharge one at a time.

This could make him a lot trickier of a zoner.

EDIT: Trait button can be activated at ANY time, even when in hitstun. This doesn't seem too bad to me because honestly, how often are you going to get hit while you have a projectile on screen?

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
repair system, gradually regen his meter, and doesn't get stuck while repairing has repair circuit does.