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Introducing the new "Ignore Forums/Threads" feature!


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I'm excited to announce that our newest add-on is now live on TYM!!! Now, rather than just being able to ignore users, you may also ignore specific threads or even entire forums! Don't care about Raiden tech? Ignore his entire forum! Don't care about GG Strive? Make it so you never see any content posted in those forums!

When viewing threads and forums, there is a new "Ignore" button next to the "Watch" button:

If you click your profile to get the dropdown, you can access your Ignored Content options.

You can also find these options in your profile preferences in the same spot where you managed your ignored users:

Overall, it seems pretty intuitive to use, but please post below if you experience any issues or bugs. Here is one "gotcha" that took me a bit to figure out: If you try to view your Ignored Threads, you'll see an empty page. None of the threads will appear until you click the "Show Ignored Content" button in the bottom-right.