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Insuperable wins MK9, REO wins Injustice and MKT, at Blu Planet Kombat #3!


After the vacation from last week due to Valentines, BPK is back with it's kombatants ready for battle.

Mortal Kombat 9:

First, we have Mortal Kombat 9 grand finals starting things off for the night. In this heated match we have Insuperable using his tricky and patient Quan Chi against Kabal. The "swag" anti-airs into resets and risky decisions topped off with risky follow-ups are sure to catch your eye more than once. And is that slow trance really making Kabal second guess his iAFB spam? The powers of Woolay knows no limits... That is, until the menace known as Kabal has awoken.

All hope is suddenly lost when the bracket is reset. Following that is dissapointment in the form of "KUH-BAWL" shouting in the stream chat. However, Insuperable has not run out of tricks up his sleeve and decides to go with one of his underground characters. He calls upon the powers of the true Mortal Kombat champion and ressurects the dragon from within. A wise man once said "Low fire ball, nuff said". He wasn't kidding.

Injustice: Gods Among Us:

Next up we have Injustice grand finals. ClassySasquatch somehow manages to make it to grand finals doing nothing but mashing d+1 with Nightwing and using his occasional Lobo shenanigans while option selecting "I don't play this game. Hold dat". Things quickly get heated when Classy finds he doesn't have the patience to deal with such "bullshit" (as referred to by him) with Lobo so he opts to go to a different character. Rage ensues a random select on the character select as the best option, but somehow highlights Bane as the possible answer to the maniacal Martian. Bane goes in and things get a little cray...

Mortal Kombat Trilogy:

To top off the night with a bang, we have the losers finals and grand finals of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. REO is sent to losers early on in the tournament by 995's Sonya who pulled off an impressive last second OCV . This big upset resulted in extreme volumes of salt and swearing which was a damn shame it wasn't captured on stream. (Injustice tourney was in progress on stream). Coming up first is REO vs Insuperable with their team of deadly ninjas accompanied by their fellow helpers.

REO goes on by defeating Insuperable with the strength of invisibility shenanigans. In the grand finals, we have 995 who soundly defeated Insuperable by putting a rain on his parade ready for battle. Missles and teleports are quickly fired off from the very beginning to the very end. A bracket reset ensues, in which 995 retaliates by going with his one of his underrated characters - Sindel.

Also as a reminder! Our monthly tournament "Judgement Day" is this weekend on March 1st! (Saturday). Please check it out if you're close. More info on this tournament can be gathered here - http://testyourmight.com/threads/mar-1-2014-swiftzilla-presents-judgement-day-igau-mk9-ki3-mkt-massapequa-ny.40878/

And check out our monthly tournament rankings here to see who's on top -


http://www.twitch.tv/995phil and every friday night we're usually up around 8-9pm. Saturday will be our 2nd monthly!
Sometimes it's earlier, it completely depends on when I get out of work. Friday is the single busiest day of the week at my job so sometimes I'm out at 5:30 and setting up at BPK by 6pm, sometimes I don't get out till 7 and I can't start setting up till 7:30. I'm aiming for getting ahead of my work this week so that I can get to BPK early this week, but we'll see how things go.


Friggin Sub-Zero in MKT. Someone's getting punched in the neck on Friday or Saturday, I swear! LOL

GG's to both @R.E.O. and @Insuperable in the WF and GF of MKT.
It's times like this I wish I had an IRL ice clone. >_>

But yo, check out that just-frame cancelled lightning by Insuperable at exactly 2:58 with Rain. Shit had like no recovery. x.x


Probably won't be able to watch the stream this week due to SCR but I'll try to tweet out when it's on and get a stream of it going at SCR in someones room or something lol.
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Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
can't you guys just bring REO over? just for a week, we will find him a nice place to stay, i want to feel the adrenaline of fighting him off.
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