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Breakthrough Instant Stand-Up Tech

The Great One

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He gets the same thing off of his b112 string (low into overhead) anyway, why do this after mb grapple if you're getting tje restand anyway. why not just simply end combos in d3?? Without spending the meter. anyway, nice find dude :) keep it up.
ok so
B112 leaves them to far. All you can do with that is see if they're blocking or not to continue the combo but if they do block it theres not much you can do.

Turns out you can also Nj2 then D3 real fast for more damage. And if you end a combo in D3, some people have the chance to wakeup. People that Batman players don't want like Shazam, Batgirl, Martian, Bane. Don't want to deal with those wake ups.
And the meter spending is well....yeah... What else were you going to do after a grappling hook for a reset? Ji2 22? ambiguous bat call crossup? I think this is a bit more damaging and actually has a chance of catching people off guard.


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This is awesome, The Great One!

I will definitely be incorporating it into my game. One thing I'd like to see is if you can do this after dashes. What I mean is: After a MB Grapple, you can dash at least twice against your opponent to move them toward the corner. I'm wondering if I have time to dash twice, do the d3, release trait to make them stand again. If so, if you do this in the corner it would become a reset due to the hit stun on Bats.

Also guys, can we please stop blowing people up for trying to share information? It's counter-productive, demeaning to the poster of whatever tech, it kills the incentive to continue doing lab work, and it also makes other people shy about posting findings.


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I'm srry but what's the point of posting tech if it's not worth doing in game n I would post but I can't off my phone n my tech gets pushed aside anyways..
Well the bats start a new combo, so you literally have a new combo for free. I'd say that's pretty worth it.


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Personally I feel this is a waste of resources. The only time I would do this is if I already used the d3 crossup f3 setup and wanted to surprise them as a mixup.
I mean they can pushblock the bat and now you're foiled.... You sacrifice damage going for that combo instead of the j3 j2 d2 combo, lose a bar off the grapple and your bats. If you go for the dnj2 into crossup j2 for pressure at least you get more damage and can use the bat cancel for mixups, and usually if they push block they do it before you call bats so that way you call them in and can use it in footsies...
And yet this is the first time it's getting posted. I doubt the point of the thread was to brag that "HEY I FOUND NEW TECH GIVE ME PROPS!" but rather, to show said tech for those unaware.

Sorry if I'm coming off like a jerk but I hate how quite literally, the first reply to every single tech thread is usually something like this. I'm not blowing you up specifically, because everyone does this.

PS: From now on, every single new tech thread should be ended with a "PS: I concede that SonicFox probably found this already."
pretty sure @ETC Mcfly posted a vid on this a while ago so it's not the first time it's been posted on TYM


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ECT MCFly posted his version after this, and his didn't use sweep.

Do we HAVE to blow people up every post for just TRYING?

Let people try and find stuff, Jesus.

What do you gain by blowing someone up for trying to find tech? Even if they fail, it's better than doing nothing.